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John Gaenzler is a New York-based singer, songwriter, guitar player, producer and session vocalist.  He is available for live or session vocals as well as co-writing, and commercial or artistic music composition/production. 

Songwriter/Composer:  John is a BMI-affiliated songwriter currently seeking a publishing partner.  He was previously signed to EarGoo Music Publishing.   He is very open to co-writes.  His songs have been synched by MTV, USA, Lifetime and ESPN and have been licensed by Lions Gate Pictures as well as Miller Beer, Reese’s and Iconix Brand among others.   His original songs have also charted on Nielsen and Soundscan.  John has a home-studio and works in Logic.

Performing Artist:  John has released 7 records as a performing artist with the indie-label bands Officer Friendly, Saccharine, Born/Raised and in 2019, he released as new project called WILLN'T.   All 3 bands toured extensively.  John’s original music has received national charting airplay and he has shared the stage with many artists ranging from Anthrax to My Chemical Romance and Foo Fighters. 

Session Vocalist/Singer:  John has been singing professionally for over 20 years.  With a rare combination of texture, power and a 4-octave range, John is known for his ability to sing rock and metal as well as pop.  He is a regular session vocalist for many of NYC’s busiest production houses and has done vocal work for many corporate clients ranging from Miller Beer to Hersheys to Supercell.

Guitar Player:  John has been playing acoustic and electric guitar professionally for over 20 years.  His electric playing is a combination of melodic/textural and heavy tone.  John was on a very short list of guitar players invited to audition for Foo Fighters as guitar player in 1999. On acoustic, John combines finger-picking and picking based on what makes most sense for the song.  John’s main guitars are Fender electrics and Taylor/Guild/Epiphone acoustics and VHT, Vox and Marshall amps.

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